• Explore ancient civilizations and see how many relic artifacts you can secure!
  • Casino management has locked away your lucky coin - can you get it back?
  • How much bang for your buck can you get from the garage sale?
  • It's up to you to find out what this doctor is up to and rescue kidnapped pets!

Our Escape Rooms - Only $28 per person!

Time Pirates

You’ve joined an esteemed institution of time-traveling pirates with aspirations of collecting riches from ancient civilizations… but first can you and your team pass your final exam and prove your worthiness to join the ranks?

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Garage Sale

You've got a limited amount of money to spend, but you're on a mission to get the biggest bang for your buck! The Ailurus family is holding a garage sale, and they've been known to own some unique and valuable trinkets. Can you find the right goods?

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You’ve won many jackpots with your lucky coin, but management caught on to you and has locked it away! Can you solve your way to get back your special token and take home one more payday before security comes and finds you?

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Vet Office

Rumors have it that animals never leave this particular veterinarian’s office, and you want to figure out what’s up! The Doctor is Out… do you have what it takes to break in, discover what’s happening, and save the animals in time?

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Special Bonus Room!

Do you have what it takes to unlock access to this room experience? Available only to our most frequent MVPs - click to learn more!

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