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About Escape Rooms

Escape rooms are themed games in a physical space where teams of players work together to explore their environment and to collect an inventory of tools, items, and information so that they can solve puzzles and accomplish an overall goal within the time limit. In a lot of cases, the objective is to escape, but in general it’s trying to succeed at a specific task or mission!

Here at Fuzzy Logic, we don’t come at escape rooms from the haunt side of things, so there won’t be any jump scares, darkness, or zombies in the room with you, and you’re not locked in trying to escape for your lives. Instead, the focus is more around learning skills and behaviors by working as a team, kind of like completing quests in a video game!

Through creative and whimsical game design and execution, Fuzzy Logic strives to create enjoyable and memorable experiences for all players, regardless of experience or background, that pulls people out of the screen and back to working together in real life.

Team Building

Liven things up with a corporate team building event at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room! For even more added value, sign up for the Attributes Assessment seminar for training around dominant communication and working styles and overcoming blindspots by leveraging diversity of thought and perspective!

Perfect for Parties!

Celebrate a special party with family or friends at Fuzzy Logic! Sign up for a party package where you can pair a private escape room for you and your group along with time in our party room where you can bring in food, drink, decorations, and gifts so that the fun can keep on going even after the clock stops!

Special Occasions

Got a special occasion coming up? Looking to celebrate a big accomplishment? We're happy to build an experience around significant events like graduations, promotions, retirement, proposals, weddings, baby showers, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, family reunions and more!

Games on the Go!

Can't come to the escape room? We can take the escape room TO YOU! We offer a variety of portable game options that are flexible and can meet the needs of your special event *at your location* - whether you need smaller games that fit on tables or want to get large games that can fill rooms, we can work with you!

Our Rooms

Time Pirates

You’ve trained to join a band of time-traveling pirates with aspirations of collecting riches from ancient civilizations… but first can you and your team pass your final exam and prove your worthiness to join their ranks?

More Details

Garage Sale

You've on a mission to get the biggest bang for your buck, but only have a limited amount of money to spend! The wealthy Ailurus family is holding a garage sale, and they've been known to own some valuable trinkets. Can you find the right goods?

More Details


You’ve won many jackpots with your lucky coin, but management caught on to you and has locked it away! Can you solve your way to get back your special token and take home one more payday before security comes and finds you?

More Details

Vet Office

Rumors of an animal kidnapper being on the loose, and your sleuthing points to the local vet! The last straw was when your very own pet went missing! Do you have what it takes to break in, discover what’s happening, and save the animals in time?

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Special Bonus Room!

Do you have what it takes to unlock access to this room experience? Available only to our most frequent MVPs - or those that purchase their fast pass to access with our 5-pack! Click the button to learn more!

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