Team Building

Escape rooms are a great team building event, either at our store or at your location! Attributes Assessment can help augment the experience even further!

Team Building

Attributes Assessment - Exploring Communication & Working Styles through Escape Rooms

Attributes Assessment dives into dominant communication & working styles

Escape rooms are a great sandbox to test out your teamwork, communication, and leadership skills. With Fuzzy Logic’s Attributes Assessment offering, players will be introduced with a brief survey to describe themselves, go through their escape room experience, and join the game master in a detailed debrief that dives into different behaviors that contribute to a positive teaming environment.

For reservations made with Attributes Assessment, prior to entering the escape room, players will choose a number of words that resonate with their personality. After leading everyone into their room, the game master will interpret everyone’s results and sort into one or more of of four main working styles: The Go-Getter, The Innovator, The Sympathizer, and The Analyzer. High-performing teams are able to have a balance across each of these qualities, and the game master will observe for examples of how these working styles were exhibited within the escape room experience. Then, after a successful mission (or an almost successful one), the game master will share the attribute mapping with each person, displaying their dominant working style, and debrief what was seen from the control room and share insights into how the working styles worked their way into how the team interacted with each other and progressed in their room experience. Debriefing on each working style, players will learn a little more about how to more effectively work with people of different working styles, translating skills that were practiced in the escape room and taking them back to the office or home!

Attributes Assessment is available for all bookings, including corporate teambuilding sessions, for $10 per person. The offering includes a brief self-identifying questionnaire prior to the escape room experience, a 15-minute debrief after the session to go over the escape room experience and the questionnaire results, and a attribute mapping and working style dominance sheet as a takeaway for each participant. If you are interested in enhancing your booking with Attributes Assessment with an escape room booking, please feel free to contact us via email at or call us at 331-251-1195!

We can come to YOU - Portable Escape Game Offerings Add Unique Entertainment for Your Event

Fuzzy Logic Escape Room's portable offerings mean that you don't need to visit our store to play our games - The fun can come to YOU!

Not able to make it out to the Fuzzy Logic store for an escape game? Well, Fuzzy Logic can come to you! That’s right, we can come to your corporate training, conference, or other event! Our portable escape room experiences are full experiences that can go on location and fit rooms of virtually any size, and can be great additions to things you already have planned!

We can scale our portable themed experiences based on your event’s needs! We can scale down a portable game to a 45-minute or 30-minute version if you’re under time constraints or want to have more teams try their hand at the game. We also can bring more than one instance of the game (available theme selections may be limited), so that your group can have the competition head-to-head action and multiply the number of people that can play the game.

For those who may need a less-involved activity than a full-blown escape room, we also have non-immersive experiences that fit easily on a table that smaller groups can enjoy in a shorter timespan! Great for an available activity for a large group that is meant to have more of a free-form feel to the event, aiming to reach as many people as possible.

Our pricing depends on how many people the event has, how long of a game you want, how many copies of the game you want us to bring, how far your event is, and how many of our team members are needed to support event (that last one we calculate for you!) - our owners are happy to discuss options with you!

Contact us via email at or call us at 331-251-1195 for more details on how we can come to your group today!