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Waiver and Rules

Q: Do I need to sign a waiver?

A: Yes, all participants must sign a waiver. Players under the age of 18 must have the waiver signed by an adult at least 18 years of age. You can review it and print it out by clicking here for the Fuzzy Logic Escape Room waiver.


Q: What is your privacy policy?

A. You can read our Privacy Policy here.


Q: What are your rules?

A. We will go over rules before your game experience, but all players are welcome to read them in advance right here!

Preparing for your experience
  • - Arrive 15 minutes before your game is scheduled to begin to go over rules, use restrooms, and sign waivers so your game starts on time.
  • - If you are late to your experience, we will try to be flexible. But if there is a large delay, or if there are reservations after your game, you will have to reschedule for a later time. We will attempt to work with you to come to a reasonable resolution.
  • - All players must have a signed waiver on file with us in order to play. Those under 18 years of age must have a waiver signed by a person at least the age of 18. Players younger 16 must have an adult at least the age of 18 present in the room with them.
  • - Arriving under the influence of alcohol or drugs is grounds for expulsion with no refund. Please arrive (and stay) sober during your game.
  • - Please be respectful with your fellow players and with our set pieces, props, and locks. Objects in the rooms that are not to be touched will be clearly marked with a “do not touch” sticker.
  • - Do not use excessive force in moving objects or in attempting to open locks. If anything is glued or screwed down or otherwise unable to be moved by a slight use of force, it is not meant to be moved. Please do not attempt to pry open containers or stick hands in small holes held open - unlock locks before opening containers.
  • - There will not be any clues, tools, or puzzles above the ceiling, through the walls, or underneath the floors. There also will not be anything inside the lights, behind the air vents, or within electrical sockets. Please do not attempt to dismantle, put objects into, take objects out of, or otherwise tamper with these room fixtures.
  • - We reserve the right to stop your game if we feel the rules are being violated and/or the game is being played in an unsafe or destructive way.
During your experience
  • - The door you enter in will always be unlocked - so you may leave the room if you need to, and can come back whenever you are ready! However, your group will be down a person while you are gone and the clock will not stop.
  • - Outside objects, such as flash lights, lock picks, and cell phones, are not allowed to be used inside the rooms. There will be a box inside the room for any personal items you wish to put in there at the start of your game.
  • - Any keys or codes would be used for only one lock. But tools and sources of information may be able to be used for more than one puzzle.
  • - Photography or video in the room is strictly prohibited. Eating and drinking is also not allowed inside the rooms.
  • - At the end of your game, please remember to take all your personal belongings, and make sure you leave behind anything that belongs to the room, such as keys, boxes, tools, and other props.
  • - We will take photos at the end of the game that will be posted on social media. Please share with your friends and family! Or let us know if you would not like a photo taken.

The most important rule...



General Operations

Q. What are your normal operating hours?

A. We are proud to provide our adventures every day of the week. Come see us during our normal operating hours below:

Mon-Thu: 4PM - 10PM
Fri: 4PM - Midnight
Sat: 10AM - Midnight
Sun: 10AM - 10PM

We may have special hours during certain times, like holidays. If you would like to schedule a game outside our operating hours, please contact us!


Q. How soon can I expect a response after sending an email/voicemail?

A. Your message is important to us! We’ll get back to you within one business day, if not sooner!


Q. Do you host special events (i.e. birthday parties, corporate events, etc.)?

A. We are excited to be part of your group’s event. Just give us a call or email and we will be happy to discuss any details to help make this special experience a reality! We have a conference room / party room space available that can be combined for a package deal with your group’s escape room experience. We also are mobile - we can come to YOUR location where we can set up one of our portable game experiences for your party or event participants! Call us to work out details and pricing for your special event!


Q. Is there an age limit for your games?

A. Our rooms can be enjoyed by people of all ages, but we recommend players be of an age that can be helpful to completing the room’s goal and enjoy the experience. Anyone below 18 years of age, a waiver must be signed by an adult at least the age of 18. Anyone below 16 years will also need an adult at least 18 years old in the room with them.


Questions on Game Reservations

Q. How much does your experience cost?

A. It is $28 per person for a standard one-hour experience at our store. Please contact us for any questions you may have on special offers, including store buy-outs, corporate events, birthday party packages, or off-site events!


Q. Do you offer discounts such as large group discounts, military discounts, etc.?

A. Sometimes we run special promotions for special occasions, but generally we do not offer discounts on our room escape experiences for normal groups.


Q. What are the different ways that I can make a Game Reservation?

A. We highly recommend you reserve your ticket online at the "Book a Room" button at the top of the page so you can run your payment information through Square, our secure online credit card processor. But we are happy to assist you with reserving your game over the phone, and we will send you an invoice through Square. Or if you walk in, and space is available, we can get you all set on site. In any case, if you need to make adjustments to a reservation made in advance, please contact us!


Q. When is the latest I can reserve a ticket to one of your rooms?

A. Online reservations will close one hour prior to the scheduled experience start time. If you give us a call or walk in, you can join a game up to 15 minutes before the scheduled experience start time or as availability and staffing allows.


Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. We accept all major credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, AMEX), Apple Pay, Google Pay, and cash. Sorry, no checks, money orders, or traveler's checks will be accepted unless pre-arranged with the owners.


Q. How can I buy a gift card?

A. You can access our gift card store powered by Square. To use a promo code, be sure to enter it in the appropriate field after selecting or entering the correct gift card value amount, click the Apply button, and you should see the discount is applied. If you want us to make a special printable certificate for you, have the gift card sent to yourself and we can create one and send back a PDF that can be printed! If you purchase your gift card in store, we can give you a physical card with the code prined on the back of it!


Q. How can I use a gift card on a reservation?

A. To use a gift card, we’ll have to handle the reservation manually instead of through our Book a Room page. Just email us the 16-digit gift card code, as well as your name, desired game theme and start time, and how many players will be in your group, and a member of our reservation team will handle your request. Then, we will process a transaction through our point of sale system and email you a receipt as evidence that the gift card has been used. If the gift card isn’t fully used up, you can still use it in future purchases. If the gift card isn’t enough, we will issue an invoice online through Square for the balance of the amount. Note that some promotions may be restricted from using gift cards as a form of payment (such as buying other gift cards).


Q. What if I want to reserve a room for just me and my friends?

A. Already have the perfect escape room team formed? Great! You can guarantee a private experience for your team (up to 10 people maximum) for just $200! Note that some rooms may have smaller spaces and fitting a group of 10 may be a little tight on space. You can review the descriptions of our games on the Our Rooms page to learn more our recommended maximum. However, we are happy to accommodate a group that desires to stay together.


Q. What if I want to play a game not during your normal operating hours?

A. Our team will be happy to engage in a conversation to discuss how best to accommodate, if able! Just contact us and explain what you'd like and we'll do our best to make things work out!


Q. My group has other plans that restrict our schedule - I'd like my game to start at a different time than what it says online!

A. Our games are staggered throughout the day with scheduled start times that allows players to enjoy them throughout the day and our team to dedicate their attention to servicing active games and thoroughly resetting games for incoming groups. Changing a game's start time can throw that balance off, and may require us to pre-emptively cancel regularly scheduled games before or after your requested game time. For example, if a one-hour game normally starts at 5:45 and 7:15, and you ask to have that game start at 6:30, we would need to close off the room for both of its scheduled times.

If this is during a Friday, Saturday, or Sunday, because these days have attracted more reservations, you will need to pay twice the cost of a normal reservation ($56 per preson or $400 per private game). If it is during a weekday, we have generally found those to be lighter reservation days, and we can waive this additional cost. Email us with your group's needs, and we will connect you directly with an owner who will be able to discuss options!


Q. I have a larger group - can I still reserve a game?

A. Feel free to contact us and we can see what options are available to accommodate your group. Depending on the game requested and the party size, we may still need to recommend the group be divided into smaller teams. Or alternatively, consider the dueling Casino competition rooms, where a larger group can be split into two smaller teams (max 10 each) to have a near-identical game experience while racing against the clock (and each other)!

If you still want to keep your group together, please be mindful that the room area may be a little tighter than ideal and everyone should take best efforts to respect each other's space and opportunity to play the game - some rooms cannot accommodate large groups due to fire code. Contact us and explain what you'd like and we'll try to advise on the most appropriate arrangement for your group!


Q. What if I made a mistake when making a reservation?

A. Simply reply to the confirmation email you received stating what mistake was made, or contact us and tell us what happened. We'll work to get it straightened out for you!


Q. What is your cancellation and refund policy?

A. All sales are final, and refunds are at the discretion of the ownership team. However, please let us know if something comes up and you need to have your reservation rescheduled. No shows without advance notice will be considered abandoned reservations and refunds will not be issued. We will do our best to accommodate having your group still come to enjoy one of our games!


Playing the Game

Q. When should I arrive?

We ask that you arrive at least 15 minutes before your scheduled start time. This will allow us to take care of going over any rules, take care of signing waivers, sneak in a bathroom break, or anything else you need to ensure your escape room experience goes smoothly.


Q. How long is my experience?

A. You should plan for about 90 minutes, which includes the about 15 minutes prep time leading into your hour-long booking, as well as about 15 minutes afterwards for pictures and debriefing.


Q. What should I wear?

A. We recommend you wear clothing that you are comfortable moving around in. Consider wearing comfortable footwear, bringing any reading glasses, and refraining from wearing loose jewelry or other loose hanging articles of clothing or accessories.


Q. What if I’m running late for my experience?

A. Give us a call and let us know. We’ll try and work with you to either start your experience when you get there, or attempt to move you to another experience on the same day. Be warned, unless you reserve all slots or select the private room option, you may be mixed with another group! Keep in mind you may not be the only ones doing the room experience. If there is another group that is joining your time slot, we will not allow you to enter the room if you are late. If this happens, we will try to reschedule you for a later timeslot on the same day.


Q. Will I have to relinquish my cell phone and other belongings?

A. No cell phones will be allowed during your game. Inside each of our games, near the entrance, there will be a box where you can place any personal items that you wish (purses, phones, hats, etc.), but you are not required to empty out your pockets or place objects in the box if you do not feel comfortable doing so. The box will remain unlocked throughout your game, so you will always have access to your belongings. Just please - once again - no use of any outside objects inside the room will be needed.


Q. Am I actually being locked in the room?

A. You will never be locked in the room, and players can leave at any time needed, like an emergency bathroom break. However, the timer will not stop even if players leave the room for a break. You are welcome to return to your game whenever you are ready.


Q. Can I ask for a clue?

A. Yes you can! In addition to any standard free clues you get in the room, you can also earn free clues by 1) coming early and finishing the lock wall in the lobby; 2) check in on Facebook of post a selfie on Twitter or Instagram tagging Fuzzy Logic before your game begins, or 3) sharing your picture from your previous visit on Facebook, Twitter or other social media before you start your game.

You can ask for more clues after you have used up all your free clues. Any additional clues requested will penalize you 3 minutes added to your final escape time, so use them wisely! We won't take any time away your game, but your finish time will be longer than the actual amount time spent. But remember - finishing the room is better than not completing it at all, so ask for clues if you need them!


After your experience

Q. Will my team’s picture be taken?

A. At the end of your experience, win or lose, we would love to take your team picture - and we are happy to take pictures with your devices for you to capture the memory! If you don’t want your picture taken, please certainly let us know, and we’ll be happy to skip this step. If you filled out our waivers digitally and accepted receiving emails from us, the photo should be emailed to you soon after you leave the store with a tailored image overlay commemorating the game you played!


Q. Can I purchase your merchandise online?

A. You can purchase our merchandise at the store to take as souvenirs for your experience, and you can check out our Square Store to place orders for any of our merchandise. We ship within the US and internationally (additional fees required).


Q. How can I stay connected with Fuzzy Logic?

A. You can follow us on Twitter (@FuzzyLogicDG), Facebook (facebook.com/FuzzyLogicDG), or Instagram (@FuzzyLogic_DG). You can also sign up for our mailing list to get emails about our upcoming events and special deals!