Escape Rooms

They say the house always wins, but you feel ready to press your luck! You’ve always won with your lucky coin in tow, and management has caught on, taken it, and locked it away for safekeeping. A friend from the inside has let you into the casino grounds off hours but his cover will only last you an hour before security catches on! You know a big jackpot is waiting for you here, and all it takes is getting your special token and having just one more dance with lady luck!

Difficulty: 6/10 | Room size: 4-8 people (call for larger groups)

This is our competition room! Rooms can be run as individual experiences, or can be set so that teams can face off simultaneously to see who can solve their way faster! Great for large groups, including family and friends for a casual outing and co-workers for a company team building event! Standard bookings for individual rooms accommodate up to 8 people, and special arrangements can be made to ensure a private experience without strangers. Please contact us if you have any questions, or use the link below to book your competitive experience now!

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You’ve joined a team of rookie time-travelling pirates with aspirations of collecting riches from ancient civilizations… but someone appears to have beat you to the punch, leaving notes, hints, and puzzles behind - not to mention leftover loot! This forerunner seems to really be making his mark on history, and it’s easy to track his footsteps. A little snag is that your time travel fuel is running out, and there’s so much treasure to find! How much can you collect before you become stranded in history?

Difficulty 8/10 | Room size: 6-8 people (call for larger groups)

This is our challenge room! Outfitted with manual challenges requiring the right amount of observation, dexterity and skill, even those familiar with the secrets of this room can find themselves returning, eager to beat their old times or teaming up with others to improve their performance. Can you find all that there is to find through time, or will greedy ambition cost you the successful escape? Be sure to keep watching our leaderboards to see if your time (and score) can be beat! Use the button below to book your record-setting experience now!

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