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You’ve joined a team of rookie time-traveling pirates with aspirations of collecting riches from ancient civilizations… but first you have to pass your final exam! Your mission is to work your way through four different time periods and locations throughout history and race back to the present as quickly as you can! There are many treasures to find throughout your quest, but be careful! There's also many puzzles to conquer along the way! You'll need to not only find all there is to find, but also solve all there is to solve to be successful! Are you up to the challenge? Can you overcome everything that the P.I.R.A.T.E. team throws at you?

Outfitted with manual challenges requiring the right amount of observation, dexterity, and skill, teams need to work together using their searching and discovery skills combined with keen focus and a capable hand or two to conquer the challenges of this multi-room experience!

Click the button below to reserve your time travelling adventure today! Though playable alone, best played with 3-5 players. Listed room max 7, but we can be flexible. If you have a larger party that wishes to play together, please send us a note!

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While his office seems like a friendly and inviting area, stories have been circulating around the town that the local veterinarian has been acting very strange lately. Even more suspicious is the rash of pet disappearances around the neighborhood over the past few weeks. You have a strong suspicion the two are linked somehow. The stakes are raised when your cat goes missing too! It's time for a rescue operation! You must be careful - the vet office has a security system that has to be deactivated. Otherwise, if you get caught snooping around, the authorities will think that you're the animal kidnappers! See what clues you can find to uncover what’s really going on behind closed doors and collect the info needed to rescue your beloved pet!

Information association is key in this room, where multiple objects or bits of information need to be combined and analyzed in order to get the winning results! Can you put the pieces of this puzzle together to navigate your way through this multi-room experience and solve the mysteries of the animal kidnappings?

Click the button below to book you rescue mission now! Though playable alone or with small groups, best played in groups of 3-5. Listed room max 7, but we're flexible. If you have a large party wanting to play together, send us a note!

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You've always wanted to be part of Club Awesome, and you and your friends finally have your chance! The Cool Kids have invited you to join them, but only if you are able to search around the playground and prove you are worthy by solving the puzzles that they've hidden! You'll have to search high and low around the playground for hints and tools to help you earn you way to be admitted into the club! But you'll have to act fast - the cool kids are going home in an hour, and there's no telling when you'll run into them for another chance to be a part of Club Awesome!

You'll have to use your brains as much as you use your eyes and hands in this room. The Cool Kids know this playground like the back of their hand and they expect you to discover as much as you can about it to join their ranks. Both players who are kids and those that are kids at heart will enjoy tackling the puzzles that the Playground has in store for your team!

Use the link below to try to join Club Awesome! Though playable alone or with small groups, best played with 4-8 players. Listed room max 8, but we can be flexible. If you have a larger party wanting play together, send us a note!

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They say the house always wins, but you feel ready to press your luck! You’ve always won with your lucky coin in tow, and management has caught on, taken it, and locked it away for safekeeping. A friend from the inside has let you into the casino grounds off hours but his cover will only last you an hour before security catches on! You're going to have to use all the tools available to you to get in, get out, and win big! You know a jackpot is waiting for you here, and all it takes is getting your special token and having just one more dance with lady luck! Are you smart enough and clever enough to pull off the heist?

This is our competition room! Rooms can be run as individual experiences, or can be set so that teams can face off simultaneously to see who can solve their way faster! Great for large groups, including family and friends for a casual outing and co-workers for a company team building event! Pattern recognition will be critical in your team's skillsets in order to beat out the time - and the other team!

Use the link below to book your competitive or solo game now! Though playable alone or with small groups, best played in groups of 4-8. Listed room max 10, but we are flexible. Larger parties wanting to play together, email us!

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For those players who have played our rooms a number of times, special access can be granted to a *bonus* room experience for booking! Featuring content usually only shared at select events around the country, we have a special surprise to a game made available to our frequent MVPs! To unlock this room, players must have played at least two of our room experiences and played in our rooms at least four times - or purchase the Fuzzy Logic Escape Room 5-Pack punchcard for instant access!

If you do reserve this room, you'll get a special confirmation where we'll ask some details about what you've done to unlock the room, and if you pass, you'll get to know the secrets hidden inside this special room at Fuzzy Logic! What's even more special is that you can book another Special Bonus room and play entirely different game than before if there are still themes available!

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