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Reminder! Fuzzy Logic's Garage Sale retiring this month!

Hey escapers! As a reminder, our Garage Sale game will be retiring at the end of the month! And remember, if you’ve already played the game at least once, you can come back and do the Returner’s Track which has EXTRA puzzles to get the ability to get even more out of the Garage Sale to get the ultimate high score! Any teams with returners will get to play at half price the cost of a normal ticket for everyone in the group (call or email us to reserve)!

It’s your LAST CHANCE to make a profit at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room’s Garage Sale room before it’s all packed up! Contact us today to reserve your tickets!

Stay tuned for our next escape room game that will take its place, open this spring! To close out, we ask you, as we always do, "Are you feeling Fuzzy today?"