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Play in Fuzzy Logic's Playground!

Have you tried our newest game, Playground, yet? We’ve had hundreds of players go through and test their skills in joining the Super Kids Squad, and some impressive runs and fantastic fun all last month!

Be sure to come and check it out and see if you have what it takes to join the squad! Don’t be fooled, though - while it’s a game that’s great for kids, it’s also great for groups of adults too, and you’ll need to be in tip top shape to tackle the puzzles hiding in the Playground!

The Playground game has a maximum ticket count of 8, but like the rest of our games, you can bring parties of up to 10 players AND guarantee it’s a private game for a flat fee of only $200! AND if you’re celebrating a special occasion, you can upgrade any reservation to include the Party Package Upgrade for just $100 extra. You can bring in food, drink, and decorations to enjoy before your game, after it, or both! And best of all, we take care of all the cleanup! Contact us as you consider your reservation to learn more information!

We look forward to seeing you play in our Playground! So we ask you, as we always do - Are you feeling Fuzzy today?