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Happy New Year from Fuzzy Logic!

Fuzzy Logic is excited to announce a few changes that will help you create and hold onto the memories you make playing a game at Fuzzy Logic Escape Room! Now introducing Escape Games Global!

Escape Games Global (or how we endearingly call it, EGG) is our new waiver system that takes care of keeping an entire party’s waivers together - whether you completed them online or at our store before your adventure! But EGG is much more than just our new shiny waiver system! Everyone in the same game and timeslot can agree on a team name (just a fun thing to do, but won’t have a bearing on your game at all).

EGG also encourages teams to try to excel in their escape rooms by rewarding them with achievements! Some of them are standard ones (for example, clear the room without using clues, or finishing in 50 minutes or less), but there are other custom ones tailored to our escape rooms! See how many you and your team can complete! Need more than just achievements? EGG now automates the leaderboards for each of our escape rooms! Kicking off the year with fresh, new 2019 leaderboards, see if your team can obtain and hold the top spots as the fastest teams to escape! Our all-time leaderboards including our 2018 records will continue to be on our doors in our store.

EGG will also email out your team photo featuring your chosen game after you finish! We’ll apply a commemorative graphic on top of your picture to remember your game by! And if you didn’t get your photo or elected to use our physical waivers instead, you can always visit our Facebook page, which now will have these pictures loaded automatically - so there’s never any waiting for those pictures to get online any longer!

Big thanks to the Escape Games Global team for all of the hard work they’re putting into their system - and they continue to make it better with each release and update! We’re really excited about this new addition to help streamline everyone’s gaming experience and to add a little extra to enjoying our escape rooms!

So we ask you, as we always do - Are you feeling Fuzzy today?