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Fuzzy Logic Gift Card Sale to celebrate Spring Break!


Spring Break is coming up soon, and it’s such a great time spend the extra time off from school doing an escape room at Fuzzy Logic with your friends and family! To encourage players to come by and check us out, we’ll be holding a Spring Break special promotion on our gift cards!

GIFT CARD SALE: Use the promo code SPRING15 for 15% off any gift card purchase of at least $50 (Ending 3/31)! Visit our gift card store online and enter in the promo code while you enter in your email to get the discount! If you want us to make a special certificate for you for printing, send the code to yourself and email us the 16-digit code and we’ll send a customized PDF back to you!

To use the gift card on a reservation, you’ll have to let us know via email or phone and give us the 16-digit code to be used. Then, if you still have a gift card balance, you can still use it in future purchases. If the gift card isn’t enough, we will issue a Square invoice for the balance of the amount.

We look forward to seeing you while school is out! So we ask you, as we always do - Are you feeling Fuzzy today?