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Food Vendors nearby Fuzzy Logic

Skuddlebutts special - 10% off all orders when you mention Fuzzy Logic!

Mention Fuzzy Logic when ordering at Skuddlebutts and you will get 10% off your entire order! They serve pizza (always two for the price of one!), pasta, wings, burgers, salads and more! And they deliver to Fuzzy Logic so you don't have to worry about pickup - if you upgraded you game to a full party package, it can be taken to the party room for you to enjoy after your game! They can be called at 630-964-6688 - and remember to mention Fuzzy Logic!

Other Food Vendors

Here are some other options for nearby food fendors that our team frequents if you are looking for something else!

- Jersey Mike's - Hot and cold sub sandwich restaurant, with party platters available for selection, located in the shopping plaza for easy pickup! (630) 963-8500

- That Burger Joint - Burger restaurant alongside with Oberweis, ice cream and milkshake store, also located in the shopping plaza! (630) 810-1270

- Panera Bread - Soup, sandwich and salad restaurant, with a variety of mix-and-match catering options, just across the parking lot on the same side in the shopping plaza. (630) 353-0423

- CoreLife Eatery - Healthy food specialties across salads, rice bowls, and soups, located just east of Ogden and Main. (630) 442-0360

- City Barbeque - Barbeque joint with a variety of delicious sauces, also east of Ogden and Main. (630) 869-1313

- Scooby's Red Hots - Classic Chicago hot dog joint that also serves burgers, Italian beef, and other delicious options, also east of Ogden and Main. (630) 769-1678

- Alter Brewing - Local microbrewery that has a variety of beer styles, available in bottles, cans, and kegs, located west of the store on Belmont Road. (630) 541-9558

Other nearby options include: Potbelly, McDonalds, Panda Express, and Chipotle!