About Us

Learn more about escape rooms and the team behind Fuzzy Logic!

What we do

What is an escape room?

They’re a new, interactive way to use your brain, work with a team, and try to complete your special mission.

Your team will be put into a room full of puzzles, and given a set amount of time to complete your special mission. Find clues, solve riddles, decipher codes to make your path through the tasks before you. It’s like completing challenges in a video game or watching the characters in a movie, but instead of watching a screen, you’re doing it in real life!

Build your team out of your family, friends, or co-workers to tackle the room’s challenges and unlock its secrets before time runs out!

Who we are

Started by a diverse team of enthusiastic escape room players, Fuzzy Logic is an escape room company driven by a passion for building positive and enriching gaming experiences that pull people out of the screen and into working with each other in real life, making it not only a fun place to play, but also a fun place to work.

Drew Hillertz - Drew is an avid escape room enthusiast and former educator that will be able to use those skills to further Fuzzy Logic Escape Room's success. Graduating from Luther College with a bachelor’s degree in music education, Drew spent years after college working with students of all ages, helping them unlock their potential and learn to work as a group to achieve the common goal of musical performance. In addition to contributing to the general operations and design aspects of Fuzzy Logic, Drew also will use his background in learning styles and brain theories to encourage groups to think about how their escape room experience parallels their everyday lives, and how they can use the information they learn about themselves through our rooms to their advantage.

Jayson Mamaclay - Jayson is an experienced businessman, a licensed CPA, and a creative artist and brings to the table a corporate expertise that will assist in Fuzzy Logic Escape Room’s success. A New York University graduate with a bachelor’s degree in business administration, Jayson was previously a corporate financial auditor and a talent management consultant. Given this, he will take primary responsibilities around overall business development and coordination, financial projections, planning, and reporting, and HR policies. Jayson also has skills in graphic design and will aid in other business activities, such as logo development or room design drafting. As an escape room enthusiast himself, he has found that skills developed to observe, identify, and associate critical information to progress in an escape room are not dissimilar to those needed to do the same to develop a successful team and a successful business.

Andrew Sandage - Andrew is an experienced system administrator, DIY-er, and technical developer who is excited to contribute his experience in Information and Computer technology that will help Fuzzy Logic Escape Room's success. Andrew graduated from the University Of Arkansas with a bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering and is currently a lead technical administrator, spanning both operations and day-to-day maintenance and troubleshooting as well as development to prototype new solutions. With this pool of knowledge, he will be part of the daily operations and creation of new room experiences and challenging puzzles through creative logic and use of technology. An avid escape room player himself, Andrew’s experiences from other rooms and ability to dissect puzzle patterns and connections will help to develop and revise puzzle ideas that will challenge teams’ abilities to succeed and entertain players in fun ways.